Sunday, September 13, 2009

New York! New York!

So I made the big move! I'm actually living in New York City (Queens if we're going to be specific). I've been here ALONE for a week now, my parents left last Sunday :( but we moved all my crap 2 Thursdays ago.

So far it's been pretty boring, but what can you do? Until you're working and stuff there's like nothing to do. But I've been to some job interviews and I found 1 job! I'll be teaching at a dance studio in the Bronx called Fancy Feet on Wednesdays. So, it's a start. I need another part-time job obviously, but at least I'll have some money coming in!

I've been applying for lots of administrative type jobs, and a job bartending (but that's a whole nother story) so I'm still trying to keep busy.

In other news I'm obsessed with Dexter. Finished 2 seasons in a week. If you're not watching it, you should be-trust me. Also, I miss my friends and family a lot and I love everyone who's been calling and checking up on me :) Hopefully more good things will come my way, and if you're ever in New York you have a place to stay!