Saturday, October 17, 2009

So far so good

I've been living in New York for almost 2 months now and it's been going pretty well! I teach one day a week so I am making some money. My little kids I teach are psycho, but once I get to the older classes it's great! And I actually enjoy teaching then. Still job hunting, but that's life.

I'm also volunteering at DNA (Dance New Amsterdam) next weekend so I'll get some free dance classes out of it! Plus, I've applied to be a workstudy person for them so maybe I'll get hired and I'll get 18 free classes a month! that would be wonderful! Other than that, I'm ready to make start working some more, get into class, and really feel like I'm part of the city.

My best friend Alex is here so I'm going out with him and his girlfriend tonight so it should be fun. And Meghan is coming for Halloween-I'm so excited! I'm hoping Pete will come to visit soon, and anyone else who might be interested, I've got lots of room! I'm missing Michigan, my fam, friends, bf, and my doggy. But I've already made it this long without a total breakdown, I think i can make it to Christmas. Although x-mas break, is going to be the happiest week of my life!