Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big News!

So, after struggling to find another job in New York, and managing to make some new friends and have a good time, I received a phone call that changed my life. In August I auditioned for Stiletto Entertainment, a production company that casts dancers for Holland America Cruise Lines, and from the audition I made the Hire List. Once you’re on the Hire List, you can be offered a contract at any time. But there are 350 positions for dancers/singers and veterans are offered first choice, and a lot of them come back. Well I’m sure you can imagine where this phone call went…I was offered a contract with Stiletto!

I accepted the contract, of course, and I’m super excited. It’s an 8-month contract, with 5 weeks of rehearsal beforehand. I’ll be learning 4 full-length shows, and a promo number during rehearsals before I board my ship. Stiletto pays for all my flights, houses me during rehearsals, and basically hooks me up with a great deal. It’s not the modern world, but it’s an awesome way to make some money and save, A LOT.

I leave for rehearsals January 12th, embark on the sea February 19th, and I’ll return the beginning of October. My ship goes to the Panama Canal, the Caribbean, Canada/New England, and Trans-Atlantic. I’ll see 22 countries during the 8 months and with almost no duties on the ship I’ll be able to visit the port of calls and enjoy the different cultures I’ll be experiencing.

This has totally turned my world upside down, but it’s completely worth the opportunity. And once the cruise finishes out I plan to finish my Pilates training. Good use of my hard earned cash. Overall, I’m really excited that I’m going to have an actual “Dance Job” and I’ll be saving so much. Check out the Holland America website and look for the ms Maasdam, that's my ship! And here's a picture of me and Pete from his visit to NYC this past week.

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